Saturday, August 21, 2010

The things our kids say

Sam has been keeping a list of funny things the girls have said over the past few years. Decided I needed to make it public :D


Watching an ant crawling around, "oh, look! an ant!", jabs at ant with her finger, ant stops moving a little worse for wear, "oooh, ant sleeping"

Cuteiful (cute-e-ful)

Finds a curly sea shell. Looks at it and tells me 'look!.. like a snail's bum!'

Jaz sitting on the floor about to take scissors to a drawing made that morning at playcentre
Nic: Jas, don't cut your drawing sweety.
Jaz: I'm not, it's Bella's!

Jaz slipped in the bath and went under a little she popped out and goes, "I'm ok, but I doesn't want to do it again"

Is great granddad dead?
Yes sweety
We go get another one?

Jas just told me she wants some fruit, so I asked if she wanted and peach or a nectarine, she says chippies, I told her that's not a fruit, 'yeah it is!'

There's a train!
We're going to go on a train one day!
But we don't get squished, because Grandma will yell at Mummy...

Jaz: I'm being a little enormous

Mum: You can have icecream when the big hand on the clock gets to 12
Jaz: ok
Jaz: Mum, can I have the clock so I can turn the hands around? It's going too slow!

It's a very hot day. "The sun is VERY busy today!"

J: I want icecream
Sam: Is there something else you need to say?
J: and sprinkles too


Big grin - I Gnaakey! (silent G)

Gaaa leelu leelu, Gaaa leelu leelu... (sung)

plinky hasta (sticking plaster)

Had a 'wee' accident on the bathroom floor, "Oh dear, the floor's all 'weesey'"

Calls me while in bed: "Daddy, I so tired...!", "Well, close your eyes and go to sleep then you won't be tired in the morning", "K"

B: Who's that?
D: That's Mr Rush (from the 'Mr' books)
B: (hehe) Mr Rush's got no bum...

When I die I'll go to Hamilton with God

smooshy / smooshed

I just want bikkies that are round with wiggly edges that have chocolate on both sides of them (toffee pops)

Bella: Mum I didn't stand in the kitty 'dammit'
Mum: umm I think you mean kitty 'vomit'

When the girls grow up...
Bella wants to be a school girl and sing twinkle twinkle for a job
Jas wants to fix stuff