Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jas rides a horse!

There was an open day at our complex this weekend, the favourite was the farm, closely followed by balloon animals, icecream, sausages, and a fairy. Both girls had a blast!

She had so much fun riding on the pony!! My battery died just after this shot so had to get photos of Bella on the horse (yes Bella had a ride too.... on her own!) on my phone, they'll be up here soon.

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nova_j said...

wow i hadn't seen a photo showing her hair properly for ages, it's amazing! looks like both girls had a fab time :)

Casper said...

she definitely has nice hair, and surprisingly easy to look after as it doesn't tangle too badly.

I'm sure she'll be asking for a horse next... she already wanted to take one of the piglets home.