Friday, September 04, 2009

Bella’s first day at Preschool without Mummy!

Bella seemed to be in a good mood this morning when I took the girls to preschool, so after about 10 minutes she was busy drawing and chatting away.  I told her I was going to do the shopping and she seemed happy enough for me to leave so I figured it was a good sign and left before she changed her mind.

I managed to do the grocery shopping and housework and went to pick the girls up a little early (I like to be there for the story at the end).  This is the little girl who greeted me when I arrived!!  My happy outgoing Bella :O  She didn’t even get off the bike, just waved and carried on.img092

And then at mat time she actually sat down next to other kids and didn’t freak out!img093 edit

I’m so proud of my little girl!  The teachers said she had a good day and started to come out of her shell about an hour after she got there so that was good.  I feel so much better about sending her knowing that she coped fine :)


TracyP said...

way to go Bella :) Looks like she really enjoyed herself!

Heather said...

Wow...she is growing up fast. Love your blog is so pretty. :-)