Thursday, August 18, 2011

Story Book Day


Beautiful girls, Jas is Laura from Little House on the Prairie and Bella is Slinky Malinki.


My little kitty cat


Gorgeous costume from the lovely Katrina Lang


Year 2 girls telling the junior school who they are


Year 1 girls doing the same


After they’d finished with the junior school they filed down to the senior school and told them who they all were, and then proceeded down to the preschool.  Next we were back into the classroom where all the kids retold their stories in their own words and explained why the chose the character they did.  Bella did so well and spoke in a nice loud voice for everyone to hear.  I wasn’t able to sit in on Jasmine’s speech Sad smile

Bella ended up winning the best dressed award for her class!!  She was so proud.

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TracyP said...

totally awesome!!